Butler Advanced Tactical (BAT)

Troop Main Parachute Canopies

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Product Name Butler Advanced Tactical (BAT) Main Parachute Canopy Series
Intended Application Direct replacement for the MC1-1b and MC1-1c steerable troop main parachute canopy.
Canopy Weight Dependent on size - approximately 16 to 22 lbs.
Canopy Size 4 Sizes from 70 square meters (Nominal Diameter of 9.44m or 30.95 ft.) to 100 square meters (nominal diameter of 11.28m or  37.0 ft.) - see table below
Weight Capacity Up to 600 lb. (275 kg)  Maximum Gross Weight - see below
Deployment Airspeed 60 to 130 KIAS (nominal), 170 KTAS max recommended for this version.  Other variants are available for higher speeds if required.
Deployment Method Standard US Army T10 deployment bag.  Optional pilot chute deployment for installation in other harness/container systems.
Inflation Control Device BAT Sombrero Slider™  The BAT Sombrero Slider (US Patent 5,890,678 & others pending worldwide) is a speed sensitive, self-modulating, inflation control device that provides consistent, reliable openings without the need for an anti-inversion net.  Click here for further details on the BAT Sombrero Slider.
Rate of Descent Less than 15 ft/sec. at maximum recommended weight for each size at Sea Level Standard Day Conditions
Turn Rate Approximately 6 seconds for 360 degree turn.  Minimal oscillations under all conditions.
Steering Configuration 7 gore "TU" with adequate vent area for excellent stability at all gross weights from 150 to 600 lb.  Standard toggles on the inside of rear risers.
Glide Ratio Approximately 0.6 to 0.8.
Canopy Design Extended Skirt Tri-Conical.  This proprietary design has a very high drag coefficient and excellent stability.
  Canopy Construction 28 gores; Bias construction; MIL-C-44378, T1 cloth;  MIL-T-5038 reinforcing tapes. Canopy color per customer specifications.
Opening Shock Less than 8 g's at   nominal conditions.  Please see the graph of H-X 1075T opening loads below.  Special variants are available for higher and lower speeds.
Suspension Lines 500 lb. Braided Dacron; heat set and pre-stretched.  Lines are looped on for ease of maintenance.
Connector Links   #6 Rapide Links or MS22002 L-bar Connector Link as selected by customer;
Risers Standard male Capewell lug; MIL-W-4088, Type 13 (7,000 lb tensile).

Canopy Model Area    (m2) Nom.Dia. (m) Rec. Wt. (kg) Max. Wt. (kg) Area  (ft2) Nom. Dia. (ft) Rec. Wt. (lb.) Max. Wt. (lb.)
BAT-100 100 11.28 229 275 1075 37.00 503 604
BAT-90 90 10.70 200 240 968 35.10 440 528
BAT-80 80 10.09 173 207 860 33.09 380 456
BAT-70 70 9.44 146 176 753 30.95 322 387


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Planform of BAT Troop Main Canopies (BAT-100 shown)

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Figure 1. Riser with Rapide connector links and standard control toggles.


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Figure 2. For ease of replacement, suspension lines are looped through radial tapes rather than sewn.


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Figure 3. To eliminate the damage that often results from the "Floating Radial Tapes" currently used on the T10 and MC1–1 series of canopies, the radial tapes on the H-X 1075T canopies are sewn directly to the underlying radial seam. The radial seam itself is made separately prior to sewing on the radial tape; thus each radial seam has a total of four rows of stitching. As a result, the radial seams are stronger and the seams are much easier to repair than the floating radial.