The BPS Seat Parachute (below left) is the simplest, cleanest, and most comfortable seat parachute available today. All of the extra straps and hardware found on original military style seat packs have been eliminated or integrated into the design. The backpad is an integral part of the assembly and has covered channels for the risers and back straps.  There are no rigid stiffeners in the pack tray and no hardware adjusters in the backpad. The harness is simple yet rugged and has adjustments on the leg straps, chest strap and main lift web. Container sizes are available from 10" by 10" to 20" by 20" with custom configurations as required.  One of our more recent innovations is the "Notch" seatpack found in our section on Aerobatic Chutes.

The original version of the Seat parachute was developed and TSO'd under TSO C23b, Standard Category, by the FAA in 1982.  The Seat parachute harness and container were also further approved under TSO C23c, Category B, in 1996.  The seatpack is currently available in over 80 different configurations, including variations that incorporate survival equipment and flotation devices, automatic ripcord releases, oxygen equipment, etc.

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The WARBIRD Seatpack (above right) is available in the same overall dimensions as the original military seat pack (15" wide, 13" front-to-rear), but it is simpler and much more comfortable design than the original military equipment.  It has all the same features as the standard BPS Seat Parachute as well as a 3"-thick, removable seat pad, a 1.5"-thick backpad cushion, a snap and V-ring on the chest strap, and an adjustable horizontal back strap.  It comes in the a variety of colors, including olive drab which, to the untrained eye, looks like an original equipment parachute (great for that authentic restoration). 

We even build a wide variety of "aircraft specific" seatpacks for the P-51 (two models), the T-6 (4 models), T34A, T-34B, Stearman,  etc.   Jump to Custom Chutes for more details on our aircraft specific models.  These variations allow the pack to precisely and fully fill the seat pan, which helps prevent the parachute from sliding around in the seat pan.  Of course, custom configurations are available, if you happen to have a particular requirements that we haven't already made a chute for.


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