July 24, 2003

Applicable to all Butler Parachute Systems, Inc. products that incorporate the MS70107, PS70107, 61C4304 OR 55A6480 Ripcord Pins manufactured after April 15, 2002

To all our customers:

We have received information from our vendors relating to the ripcord pins that are installed on many of our products, including our entire line of emergency bailout systems.

Capewell Components has received reports of four broken pins assembled in skydiving equipment. Butler Parachute Systems, Inc. is working closely with our vendors and Capewell Components to identify the cause and scope of the failure. To date, no root cause has been found that would explain the failure. Capewell has issued a Service Bulletin CW03-01 that must be performed prior to the next use of a system that incorporates the ripcord pins.

The affected pins did not enter service at Butler Parachute Systems, Inc. until April 15, 2002. Systems manufactured prior to this date are not affected by the Service Bulletin. You can download the service bulletin by clicking here or look for an updated version from Capewell’s website at www.capewell.com. A local parachute rigger can perform the test, or the parachute can be returned to Butler Parachute Systems, Inc. for testing. In the event a pin fails the test, we would need to be notified so that arrangements can be made to replace the affected assembly.

Butler Parachute Systems, Inc. is complying with the requirements of CW03-01. From the time we were notified by Capewell of this issue, we have stopped delivery of any new systems that include the affected pins until internal testing can be completed on the affected products. We expect to complete testing over the next few days. All future deliveries will be marked as compliant with Service Bulletin CW03-01.

Customers are encouraged to check our website regularly at www.butlerparachutes.com as well as Capewell’s website at www.capewell.com for updates. We will work with you to ensure this issue is resolved as quickly as possible. As we receive more information, it will be posted on this website. Please feel free to contact us should you have any questions or if we can be of further assistance.

Roberto Montañez
Vice-President, Operations
Butler Parachute Systems, Inc.