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The H-X Series Canopies

The H-X SeriesTM Canopies are the most thoroughly tested canopies ever introduced into service and have proven to be the most reliable emergency parachutes ever built. They also have the highest airspeed and weight ratings of any FAA TSO Authorized emergency parachute canopy. During the spring of 1998 Butler Parachute Systems conducted over 300 test drops for our H-X development program.  There were zero malfunctions and zero structural failures while within the design parameters set for the production parachutes. This astounding performance record was made possible by the use of the BAT Sombrero SliderTM (US Patent 5,890,678) on the H-X Series Canopies.   

Now you really can buy a modern, lightweight, emergency parachute system that has actually been tested at weights and speeds appropriate to today’s high performance Aerobatic aircraft and Warbirds.

The BAT Sombrero SliderTM is the most important new parachute technology in decades.  It is the first and only inflation control device that:


Specifications of the H-X Series™ Canopies Currently Authorized by the FAA

Canopy Model

Nominal Diameter (ft)

# of Gores Surface Area (ft2) Canopy Weight (lb) Manufacturer's Recommended Maximum Limits FAA TSO C23d Certificated (USA) Maximum Limits Demonstrated Overload Test Conditions Demonstrated Overload Test Conditions
HX-300 19.56 16 300 5.8 174 lb. @ 165 KIAS 250 lb. @ 150 KIAS 300 lb. @ 180 KIAS 300 lb. @ 180 KIAS
HX-400 22.58 18 400 6.4 236 lb. @ 190 KIAS 340 lb. @ 170 KIAS 408 lb. @ 180 KIAS 400 lb. @ 205 KIAS
HX-500 25.23 20 500 7.9 306 lb. @ 190 KIAS 440 lb. @ 170 KIAS 528 lb. @ 180 KIAS 500 lb. @ 205 KIAS
HX-600 27.64 22 600 9.1 382 lb.  @ 190 KIAS 550 lb. @ 170 KIAS 660 lb. @ 180 KIAS 600 lb. @ 205 KIAS

Note:  The manufacturer's maximum recommended weight and speed limitations may be applied in the absence of any regulatory requirements (i.e. outside the USA).  In the US, the FAA C23d limits must be used.

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