Below are some examples of the harnesses available with our emergency parachutes:


custom1.tif (185460 bytes) 

Standard Harness with B12 Snap & Adjustable V-ring (seatpack shown)

(Optional) Thread-thru leg straps conventional layout

harness4.tif (185460 bytes)

(Optional) Competition Aerobatic Harness, reversed thread thru on hip (pads not shown for clarity)

custom2.tif (185460 bytes)

(Optional) Capewell Fully Adjustable Harness (backpack shown)


aircrew5b.tif (405969 bytes)

(Optional) Capewell Harness, fully adjustable (backpack shown)

 howto6.tif (440748 bytes)

(Optional) Quick Ejector Snaps  NOT RECOMMENDED


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