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Every Custom Series Butler Parachute is Custom Built for You in Your Airplane


For example the T34A Seat (above left) is shown with a T34A Warbird Seatpack.  The side view (above right) shows how the pack is cut and packed to match the contour of the seat pan which can be clearly seen in the photograph below right.



All Airplane "Type" Seats are Not the Same

Two typical seats shown here (above) illustrate some of the differences.  At left is a T-6G tube frame seat (similar to the T-6 Warren McArthur seat - note the dished bottom).  The seat at right is a T34A seat (similar to the "slab-sided" seats for T-6 and P51).  Many aircraft, including T6’s and Mustangs have more than one type seat in common use.


Did you know that -

All of the Details Are Important

That’s why we make over 200 Basic Product Configurations in back, seat, chest, and chair type parachutes.

If we can’t do it – it can’t be done!




The view of a T-6G Warbird Seatpack at the upper left shows the seat cushion with a V-notch for stick clearance. The picture at the upper right shows the constant thickness of this pack (15" wide x 13" front-to-rear x 3" thick) which contrasts with the angled cut on the T34A pack shown previously.

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