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Product Name: Brinnell Load Cell Device
Weight: 3 lbs.
Load Capacity: 10,000 lbs.; Heavyweight models available upon request.
Cost: Per quote. Quantity and configuration dependent.

The Brinnell Load Cell works by forcing a ball bearing into a soft material (usually aluminum) during the parachute opening.  The depth of the indentation is directly related to the peak load; the load can be derived as shown below.

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Figure 1. Insert witness plate into the device.

Figure 2. Using electrical tape, secure witness plate in place.

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Figure 3. Attach parachute riser to device.

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Figure 4. Upon completion of drop, remove witness plate from device.

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Figures 5 & 6. Measure the combined height of the ball and the witness plate to determine the depth of the indentation on witness plate.  Convert the measurement to load with the calibration chart and the calibration strip to obtain test results