The BPS Back Parachute is a clean, simple backpack parachute available in many different configurations ranging from 10" wide by 16" long to 18" wide by 30" long. There are no rigid stiffeners in the pack tray, no hardware in the backpad and no extraneous stuff to get in the way. The harness is a simple yet rugged design with adjustments on the chest, hip and leg straps.

The original version of this system was developed as a commercial product during 1978-79. The Back parachute was approved under TSO C23b, Standard Category, by the FAA in 1979. The Back parachute was also further approved under TSO C23c, Category B, in 1996. The system is currently available in over 80 different configurations, including variations that incorporate survival equipment and flotation devices, automatic ripcord releases, oxygen equipment, etc. The particular version shown here (below left) is for the USAF T-3A Firefly, over 300 of which were purchased by USAF via a competitive selection and procurement in 1996.

The WARBIRD Backpack is similar to the standard backpack with the exception of an adjustable horizontal back strap and a snap and adjustable V-ring on the chest strap. It is usually made in 1000-denier, heavy-weight olive drab Nylon Cordura. The particular parachute shown here (below right) also has the optional Capewell riser releases with a fully adjustable harness.

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