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On this page, Butler Parachute Systems is pleased to introduce yet another emergency parachute configuration specifically tailored to the application. The newest addition to the lineup is the "102-Series™ " Chair Parachute" which is derived from our seat type parachute systems (basic P/N 102). Previous chair parachutes from BPS were derived from our back parachute (basic P/N 101) and will now be known as the 101-Series™ . The 101-Series™ has the thickest part behind the shoulders, then tapers to nearly zero at the forward edge under the buttocks. The 102-Series™ has the thickest part at the front edge of the seat and rapidly tapers to nearly zero at the back edge of the seat, then thickens again in the lumbar area as the top flap is extended about halfway up the back of the wearer. The result is minimal loss of cockpit room with maximum comfort.

The 102-Series™ allows us to minimize the bulk under the buttocks by placing the diaper and lines forward of the point of the hip; the remaining bulk of the canopy is distributed partially in the seat area and the remainder in the lower half of the back, providing excellent lumbar support.. The inherent design flexibility allows BPS to tailor the bulk distribution to nearly any application. Aircraft such as the Pitts that typically have a large air gap under the thighs will be particularly well served by this configuration.


102chr1.jpg (9239 bytes)     102chr2.jpg (8921 bytes)

  Shown above is the new 102-Series™ Chair Parachute from Butler Parachute Systems.

Note the very thin seat profile and the gently contoured lumbar section.


Tight Fit ? - Get It Notched ! !

Notch1.JPG (28233 bytes)

  If you’re in a aircraft with a really tight fit, or you just want some additional thigh support, "The Notch™ " might be the answer. Butler Parachute Systems has developed "The Notch™ " option for our regular seat parachutes and the new 102-Series chair parachute. The configuration shown is for the Thunder Mustang™ for which BPS is the original equipment supplier (OES).

"The Notch™ " is the only parachute configuration available which actually places part of the parachute canopy into the extensions forward of the stick well and allows you to take advantage of otherwise lost volume. By using this volume, we can reduce the thickness elsewhere.

Hurts Going Outside? - Put Your Hardware Outside Too ! !

If you’re into hard-core aerobatics, with lots of outside maneuvers, this can help. The Competition Aerobatic Harness option from Butler Parachute Systems, is a relatively minor change with significant impact on your comfort. We place an adjuster on the outside of the hip so that your lap belts can pull down on your thighs and hips without trapping the hardware against your legs. While this may not work for everyone, and it does require you to step into the harness (or unthread the leg strap each time) - it is little enough strain to relieve the pain of outside maneuvers.

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