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Effective January 1st, 2003 Butler Parachute Systems, Inc. was restructured as a holding company (Butler Parachute Systems Group, Inc.) with various subsidiaries, divided according to product line.  The new entities have assumed all rights and responsibilities of their respective business areas within the group.  The contact information remains the same.  The new entities under BPS Group, Inc. are:

Thanks for visiting our site.   Please poke around in here as much as you like.  There's a tremendous amount of useful information here.  Your first stop should probably be the "New Products" section to check out the latest in parachute technology.  Look everything over - call us if you've got questions - we're here to help!

FYI - Butler Parachute Systems (BPS) specializes in engineering and manufacturing emergency parachutes and related items for pilots, cargo, scientific payloads and various air vehicles.  We also provide recovery system design, consulting, manufacturing and testing services to government agencies, aerospace firms and other parachute companies.   We are particularly adept at the rapid development of new parachute and recovery systems for unusual applications.  To get a more complete overview of our capabilities, services and project histories, check out our Statement of Capabilities.

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Butler Parachute Systems  HX-400  Drop Test with 408 lb. @ 205 knots

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Competitor's 24' Conical - Catastrophic Failure at 300 lb @ 180 knots

BPS has the experience, the personnel and the facilities to design and manufacture a wide variety of personnel parachutes and recovery system components and equipment ranging from 8 inch decelerators for small sub-munitions to solid cloth canopies up to 154 feet in diameter.  We have built parachutes and recovery systems for deployment at speeds near zero and as high as Mach 2.

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We have attempted to provide a tremendous amount of useful information to the aviation public.  Obviously, because of the size of the site, once in a while something may be incorrect on this web site.   If you find something, please let us know.  Any comments would be appreciated.

Please note that while we do make equipment for intentional jumping (military, etc.):

We do not manufacture or service any equipment for sport parachuting.

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